Over 750 runners and 22 schools participated in the Walden Public School Trail Race at Naughton Trails on Wednesday October 12. Thank you students and teachers (Ted Smith and John Peacock) from LDSS Elementary who were there to help keep score and monitor the trails and thank you to the Naughton Trail volunteers for all your support and help once again this year.
Congratulations and thank you to all the teachers, coaches, volunteers and competitors for their efforts again this year. It was fun!
Here are the results:

Scores were calculated by adding the top 5 placings within a team.

Junior Races

Junior Girl's Teams (team scores)

6th place Princess Anne (175)
5th place Alexander A (172)
4th place Cyril Varney A (156)
3rd place MacLeod A (141)
2nd place Walden B (118)
1st place Walden A (30)

Top Junior Girls Individual Results
1. Jaclyn Groom- Walden
2. Marlee Henschel- Walden
3. Kaitlyn Walker- Redwood Acres

Junior Boy’s teams (team scores)

6th place Carl A Nesbitt A (125)
5th place R.L. Beattie A (121)
4th place MacLeod B (117)
3rd place Pinecrest (112)
2nd place Walden A (111)
1st place MacLeod A (35)

Top Junior Boys Individual Results
1. Jacxsen Cress – Walden Public
2. Dario Beljo- MacLeod Public
3. Sam Johnston- R.L. Beattie

Intermediate Races

Intermediate Girl's Teams (team scores)

6th place Northeastern (253)
5th place Carl A Nesbitt (200)
4th place LDSS (122)
3rd place Algonquin (105)
2nd place MacLeod (67)
1st place R.L Beattie (53)

Top Intermediate Girls Individual Results
1. Matilda Hick- R.L. Beattie
2. Nicole Conlin- Copper Cliff
3. Ceilidh Muise-McDonald- R.L. Beattie

Intermediate Boy's Teams (team scores)

6th place Levack (227)
5th place Algonquin A (209)
4th place LDSS (140)
3rd place Northeastern (105)
2nd place MacLeod A (76)
1st place R.L. Beattie A (44)

Top Intermediate Boys Individual Results
1. Noah Lapierre- Northeastern
2. Sean Andersen- R.L. Beattie
3. Brett White head- R.L. Beattie

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