1st Annual Rainbow Elementary Cross Country Run

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008


Following were the top six runners in each race:


1st – Hanna Bird, Northeastern Elementary
2nd – Tatum Hurley, Jessie Hamilton PS
3rd – Karli Shell, George Vanier PS
4th – Sydney Walker, Pinecrest PS
5th – Hannah Conlon, Jessie Hamilton PS
6th – Kayla Cardinal, Levack PS


1st – Bray Crowder, Jessie Hamilton PS
2nd – Noah Lapierre, Northeastern Elementary
3rd – Archie Scully, Levack PS
4th – Pierce Wallingford, Algonquin Road PS
5th – Rowan McCaffery, Redwood Acres PS
6th – Ryan Allick, Princess Anne PS


1st – Jenna Hellstrom, Carl Nesbitt PS
2nd – Alex Smuland, Pincecrest PS
3rd – Kelly Hotta, MacLeod PS
4th – Meaghan Burt, Pinecrest PS
5th – Brandy Charsley, Valley View PS
6th – Jenna Gough, CR Judd PS


1st - Scott Sirkka, Algonquin Road PS
2nd – Curtis Campbell, Levack PS
3rd – Sean Moore, Algonquin Road PS
4th – Curtis Ferron, MacLeod PS
5th – Malcolm Bilton, Northeastern Elementary
6th – Liam Scully, Levack PS

The top teams in each age group were as follows:

Junior Girls – Jessie Hamilton PS
Junior Boys – Northeastern Elementary
Intermediate Girls – Valley View PS
Intermediate Boys – Algonquin Road PS

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